µLot® Technology

The worlds first continuous solid phase chemistry manufacturing process, inspired by nature.

We support the development of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® ApS, µLot® technology.

A ground breaking synthesis technology where the entire process is performed in a continuous mode to replace expensive and environmentally damaging batch production methods.

► All Manufacturing Stages Occur Simultaneously

A novel “chemical assembly line” that uses a ribbon made of polymer mesh that has sachet pockets containing a solid-phase resin that moves continuously through all the various chemical stages of manufacture.

►Reduced Use of Toxic Chemicals

The solvents, which react with the resin to produce the peptide, move in a counter current allowing for full utilization of the chemicals to minimize use of these toxic chemicals.

►Easily Transportable

μLOT® modules are easily transportable anywhere and at any time due to their modular nature.

--- IN THE NEWS ---

SB3000 partners with Evaxion Biotech to provide rapid scale up for commercial production of corona virus vaccines with its continuous manufacturing technology.

Lars Wegner CEO of Evaxion commented

“We believe that it requires high levels of innovation to design and develop a new vaccine very rapidly... We expect that the SB3000 μLOT® technology for continuous manufacturing of peptides will allow us to accelerate design, development and supply. The manufacturing process will be developed at scale during pre-clinical studies and, upon validation, we expect that this method will be scaled out and moved straight into commercial production with no further development required, at a fraction of the traditional manufacturing cost.”

Green Chemistry

Reduction in the use of toxic chemicals by up to 100 times.

Lower Production Costs

Dramatically reducing existing capital costs and making it possible to avoid building new multi-billion dollar manufacturing plants.

Easily Transportable

μLOT® modules are easily transportable anywhere and at any time due to their modular nature and smaller footprint, enabling multiple on-shore manufacturing operations that can be commissioned more rapidly.


The μLOT® technology enables adjustments to be made to the existing continuous manufacturing production line to accommodate different types of pharmaceuticals. No need to build a new plant.


Composite ribbon technology based on Krebs cycle - a series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy