SB3000 Ltd, µMist technology, a disruptive innovative enviromental friendlier spray technology inspired by the Bombardier beetle.

The µMist technology is set to disrupt a $200 billion spray market across a number of different industries.

Green Technology

  • 100% reduction of harmful propellants

  • Produces Smaller Droplets

  • Improved emissions treatment – automotive industry
  • Better lung penetration – Respiratory Medication device
  • Effective surface coating –Surface disinfectant

  • New Levels of Spray Control

  • Personalized medication
  • Reduction in spray waste

  • New Formulation Control

  • Viscous, organic and fragile formulations
  • Endless opportunities in cosmetic industry

  • Inspired by Nature

  • Ecofriendly spray technology inspired by the Bombardier beetle