What is our mission?

The vision of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB is to find, develop and launch technologies inspired by nature, a scientific approach referred to as biomimetics

We aim to use what nature has refined over millions of years and apply that to today’s technological challenges

SB3000 AB provide a platform for developing biomimetic technologies, which we believe is the solution to a sustainable eco-friendly future; where health, environmental consciousness and sound economic benefits converge

We are a key player in a fast growing global biomimetics market, launching technologies aimed at three big industrial sectors; pharmaceuticals, automotive and consumer care

Our Commerical Strategy

  • SB3000 AB’s mission is to form, finance and support technology specific Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) engaged in the development of Intellectual Property (IP) derived from biomimetic concepts.
  • The working model is to enter into joint development and funding agreements with global, area specific, industrial partners.
  • The SPEs operate as biotech start-ups where the upcoming revenues are coming from product sales, product/process licenses and royalties. They are run in such a way that they have highly valuable M&A targets or IPO candidates in their own right.
  • Today, the SB3000 AB Holding portfolio includes two, majority owned, Special Purpose Entities:
  • Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Aps, µLOT Technologies, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Swedish Biomimetics 3000® µMist Technologies Ltd, Devon, United Kingdom